Mini Maternity Photography Sessions in The Woodlands

Mini Maternity Photography Sessions in The Woodlands

Anyone who has kids can attest to the fact that it goes by incredibly fast. “Babies don’t keep” isn’t just a poem written by a mom that nobody can relate to. In the beginning you’re knee deep in diapers and spit up and laundry and the days may drag, but before long they’re flying by so fast it’s literally painful to think of how quickly the day will come when you’re no longer the center of their universe.

I think every parent can relate to that bittersweet feeling. The pride of your little ones growing and learning and changing, mixed with the grief of them venturing out, being more independent, and leaning on you less and less. I know I have those feelings with my own children, and I cherish every memory made with them.

I’m so happy to now offer mini maternity and child milestone sessions at my home on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am. These can be shot indoors in my home studio, or outdoors in my tree-filled backyard or creek.

The details:

  • Cost: $300 +tax
  • 20-30 minutes
  • 10 edited digitals
  • Access to studio wardrobe
  • Simple studio props are also available
  • For Maternity
  • For child milestone sessions

Milestone sessions for children can include 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year old portraits of your child. I love documenting these times for moms and their babies. It really is a season of life that can be so trying and challenging and exhausting, but in the end it’s so incredibly rewarding. Hug your babies, rock them, and document these times before they’re gone. It’s true when they say this time is fleeting, and as a wise mama once said- babies don’t keep.

To book your mini maternity or your child’s next milestone, be sure to get in touch today! <3

little girl in white photography studio

Senior Photography in The Woodlands and Conroe | Hali

Senior Photography in The Woodlands and Conroe | Hali

Moments in my life seem to make sense when I am looking back.  I think that they all kind of fit together like a puzzle and they happen for the very reasons they are intended.  When shooting senior sessions, my goal is to grab who this person is that is standing in front of my camera.  Doing Senior Photography in The Woodlands and Conroe, it gives me a little bit of the “heritage” of my people.  I feel as though each piece of a human, each person they know, and each moment defines us in some way.  So when Hali asked me to do her senior portraits, I was over the moon excited.  Partly because I know Hali personally.  She’s a dear friend of mine, so much so, I feel like my daughter loves her more than me, and we see each other on the regular over at CrossFit Willis.

About Hali’s High School Senior Photography Session

We took to one of my favorite (and also a client favorite) spots here in North Conroe- right off of I-45 and FM 1097.  This little spot is nestled right next to Bed, Bath and Biscuit on private property.  It has an array of tree tunnels, a beautiful fallen pecan tree, bamboo trees, wide open fields, and even a small stream in the back.  Basically, a photographer’s dream come true spot! 😉  We then took some shots over at CrossFit Willis, to showcase what a huge part of her life they (we) are!  Those were so unique and awesome and I loved shooting there.  Our last spot included some images at the lake on Lake Conroe in Montgomery.  It was freezing, but in true Hali form- she was a trooper and we got some amazing shots from it.  All of the dresses that you see pictured in these portraits are from my studio wardrobe that is open for any and all of my clients to use.  Her beautiful makeup was done by Christina over at Mirror Mirror Beauty Studio!  Her floral crown was done by A Different Bloom over in Montgomery Tx off of HWY 105!

Hali’s spirit and personality, coupled with a side of being a monster (the best kind of monster) in the gym just shows how truly loyal, dedicated and motivated she truly is.  If you know Hali, you know how supportive and encouraging she is, and honestly, I have never heard a single person speak a negative word about her (unless it’s me and she beats me in a workout. :P)  Just kidding, but really, it was an honor to do these for her and her equally amazing family!  I love you all <3

Natural Light Senior Session Conroe Tree Tunnels Senior Session Circle punch game senior session Senior laying in grass conroe Senior with fallen tree the woodlands naturally posed senior session the woodlands posed images of high school senior the woodlands crossFit senior session conroe lake senior session the woodlands water shot in lake conroe high school senior high school senior in water the woodlands

And if you are a senior and need pictures, be sure to get in touch! <3

The Woodlands Family Photographer | My Top 5 Favorite Places to Visit in the US

The Woodlands Family Photographer | My Top 5 Favorite Places to Visit in the US

Summer is quickly arriving, which means that the kiddos are going to be out of school! If your family is like mine, summer is our traveling season, and there are so many opportunities for fun an adventure! I have been fortunate to take my family to many different places and capture those memories as a The Woodlands Family Photographer. I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all!

My Top 5 Favorite Places to Visit in the US

1.Sewanee, TN – Sewanee is a must if you have never been! Home to the University of the South, this quirky, yet peaceful town sits on top of a mountain, and has breath-taking beauty everywhere. Not to mention, there is so much to do! The abundant wildlife makes for a great place to hike. My family and I have been to several trails that end at the base of a waterfall. We have also found a few lakes and ponds that are perfect for kayaking and swimming.
2. Austin, TX – Austin is filled with many family oriented activities that would suit any family’s interests. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or indoors, there is so much to do! Zilker Park is a favorite of mine. You can go there to enjoy swimming in the river, playground equipment, live music, and great food. Austin is also home to many museums and entertainment centers that are fun to take the family!
3. Waynesville, NC – I am a sucker for beauty, and the mountains here leave me in awe every time! I love to let my kids play outside in the gorgeous mountain tops. There are several hiking trails and festivals that we always have a ton of fun at!
4. Madison, WI – Madison is such a sight to see! People often compare it to Austin due to its abundance of activities and quirky vibe. They have so many family oriented events going on throughout the year, and most of them are free or inexpensive. I love to take my kids to the Children’s Museum there, which is filled with tons of activities that revolve around nature and wildlife. The Overture Center for the Arts also has many fun events going on that are perfect for the kiddos!
5. Corpus Christi, TX – The beach is something that never gets old to me, so Corpus is the perfect place to take my kiddos. We enjoy the beaches that are quiet, yet beautiful. There is nothing better than relaxing in the sand next to beautiful waters! Also, the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus is one of the best aquariums I have ever been to!

If you didn’t notice, most of these places on my list include places where family live. This is because: a) I love my family and I love to spend time with them, but b) we are ballin’ on a budget, so this helps with some of those travel expenses.We try to get to the beach at least once a year for the kids, and we do love the mountains too. Hikes, and such are all free, and the kids love it!


As a The Woodlands Family Photographer I am so blessed to be able to document not only sweet families, but my own family’s adventures!

Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands | Welcome Sweet Boy

Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands | Welcome Sweet Boy

This family means the world to me! I loved working with them, as they are such sweet, caring people that live to help others. Mom worked at MDA where my grandpa was getting treated on the same floor. After seeing the battles that he went through, I realized how special people who work in the medical field are. This mama in particular works each and every day to serve others. Not only does she work with the patients in such a loving way, but she gets to know the families. I will forever be thankful for her and the others that work at MDA, where grandpa was treated in such an amazing way.

A Laid Back Love

This was a very laid back couple, which makes things run so smoothly and effortlessly! They recently welcomed a sweet baby into their home, and I am so excited for them on this new adventure! This precious boy was super good and full of expressions. Being a newborn isn’t easy, and he was so cooperative as we took photos of him. He had me cooing the entire time. This session took place in my studio, and we decided on using natural colors that would allow us to focus on baby boy’s cute little features. I loved his tiny toes! He had no problem making himself comfy, and I love that he was able to relax and sleep soundly.

Focusing on the family is something that I always try to incorporate in my newborn sessions. Not only did we get some sweet photos of our new little guy, but I took several photos of him with his parents. It was so stinkin’ cute to see the three of them cuddled together, adoring one another. They were absolutely beautiful!

Congratulations to these three on the new adventures that await them. They have so many blessings to count!

Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands

Capturing this Organic Baby Boy Photography The Woodlands was such a sweet blessing. Congrats to this adorable growing family!

The Woodlands Photographer Summer Series | 5 Inexpensive and Fun Summer Activities to do with you and your kiddos at home

The Woodlands Photographer Summer Series | 5 Inexpensive and Fun Summer Activities to do with Your Kiddos without Leaving Home

Summer is right around the corner, and I am determined to make it one of the best yet! Kiddos will be getting out of school, which means houses will be a little busier than normal. I am super excited to spend time with my kids, but let’s face it – being cooped up in the house tends to get a little tiring, especially when there is nothing to do.

Solution? I would say take them places, but as much as I love taking my kids to water parks and other fun summer places, that stuff gets expensive. Not to mention, getting out of the house with two kids can be somewhat of a tricky process. Getting ready, getting shoes on, and buckling in car seats can wear a mama down! Of course, we will do this every now and then, but I want to spend quality time with my children without all of the hassle. If you are like me and need some ideas, here are 5 inexpensive and fun summer activities to do with you and your kiddos at home.

  1. Plant a small garden – This will give your kids a hands-on experience that they will LOVE. Kids are fascinated by planting seeds and watching them grow. Furthermore, it teaches patience, responsibility, and care. Plant your favorite fruits and veggies, and your kids will be so proud when their hard work pays off and you eat it at the dinner table!
  2. Get a rope and build a rope swing – This one brings back so many memories of my pop’s house. We could swing for hours as our bellies filled with butterflies. This is such a fun and easy idea to surprise your kids with!
  3. Do a treasure hunt with your kiddos (map and all) – Treasure hunts are so fun, and require kids to use critical thinking skills. Hide a series of clues, make a map, and have something waiting for them at the end. Imagine your kiddos spending an hour or so following the map, and finding popsicles at the end to enjoy outside!
  4. Set up a lemonade stand – This is a classic idea that will never get old! It is such a rich experience for kids to work hard, make something, and see the payoff. They can make a sign, set up a little booth, and become salesmen for their product! Lemonade stands are seriously so fun, and require such little effort! Your kiddos will love counting their money at the end!
  5. Have a camping read-a-thon – This one can be set up indoors or outside! Get that dusty old tent out of the garage, and put it up somewhere at your house. There is something about tents that kids love, and encouraging them to read while relaxing in a tent is a great way to keep up the hard work they put in throughout the school year. If you set the tent up inside, turn the lights off, give them a flashlight with a book, and they will enjoy reading for hours!

The Woodlands Photographer Summer Series

And as always, I would love to come to your home and be your photographer for the day.  A fly on the wall, if you will.  Be sure to check out my portfolio if you’d like to book a session with me!

Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer | Kennedy

Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer

“As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.” -Michael Dell

Meet Kennedy, a sweet girl who will be graduating high school in just a couple of months! Kennedy was so fun to work with. She was quirky, loved Jesus, and not afraid to be herself – my kind of girl! I had a lot in common with her, which made the session so much fun! Not a minute went by where we did not have a blast together!

I took Kennedy to one of my favorite locations in Willis. It’s a fielded area, with the most beautiful trees and flowers! Kennedy was a natural in front of the camera, and looked stunning in literally every photo. She wanted to switch up the wardrobe to add a bit of variety to her session. I loved her choices in clothing. I offered her a few of the outfits that are part of my collection, and she looked stunning in them, of course. Her natural beauty lit up the sky. I love her smile. Such a beautiful girl!

Graduation is such an important milestone in one’s life, and I am so proud of Kennedy for what she has already accomplished. It is a big deal to be at the end of grade school, starting a new journey that will guide the rest of your life. Kennedy is a bright girl, who I know will make a difference. She has so much going for her! Congratulations on your graduation, Kennedy! You have so many adventures ahead of you!

Graduation sessions are so precious to me, and although I do not do a ton of them, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite types of sessions! If you or a family member is graduating, and you want to document such a special time in life, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you.

Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer Conroe and The Woodlands Senior Photographer

The Woodlands Summer Photography Special

The Woodlands Summer Photography Special

Hello friends! When photography was introduced to me, I would’ve never imagined being where I am now. This job of mine has provided me with many blessings, but the biggest one of all has to be the amazing clients I have the pleasure of working with.  I have met some incredible folks, many of which have become dear friends of mine.

I am truly thankful to each and every one of my clients that trusted me to document some of the most special milestones in their lives. I am honored! Not to mention, Andrea Surak Photography has been in business for almost 8 years now, which is definitely something to celebrate! It has been some of the best years of my life! So THANK YOU to all of you for your endless support!!  Which brings me to what this post is about: The Woodlands Summer Photography Special (and surrounding areas)!!!!!!!!

With that being said, I think it’s important to give back, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to extend my thank you and offer a Summer Special coming up for 2018! Get a FREE (3) 16×20 canvas gallery with the booking of any type of full session this summer. This offer is good from May 1, 2018 – August 31st 2018. Canvases are a favorite of mine because of their timeless nature. They are simple enough to pair with any décor you may have. They are also durable, which is great if you have kiddos running around! Displaying family photos is a great way to reminisce with your family and friends. It makes your kids feel important and loved. It also helps achieve that warm and cozy feel to a home!

Thanks again to all of you for your love and support. I am stoked to be offering this Summer Special, and look forward to the many clients I will be working with! If you are in need of booking a session, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you!

Stress-Free Maternity Portraits The Woodlands Tx The Woodlands Stress Free Newborn Photography The Woodlands Stress Free Newborn Photography newborn baby girl with bonnet in the woodlands


Natural Baby Girl Photography in The Woodlands Tx

Natural Baby Girl Photography in The Woodlands Tx

I remember when my first child was born. Part of me was terrified, not sure of what to expect. But I was also ecstatic to meet my son that I had been waiting forever to finally hold. When Caleb was born, my whole world stopped. I was finally a mother. I was finally his mother. There was nothing in the world that I loved more than the precious baby that was placed in my lap after several hours of labor.
All I could do was cry tears of joy in that precious moment. As a new mother, I knew that what I had gone through and what was in front of me was more special than anything I had ever experienced in my life. I wanted nothing more that to cherish that moment forever.
As a photographer, I want my clients to be able to document those precious memories and moments that they never want to let go of. I want to offer them a service that will provide them with a treasure that they can hold forever. Whether it’s in an album or hung on the wall, sweet photos of your children will never get old. I promise.

The Williams Family and their Precious Charleston

Meet the newest addition to the Williams family! Sweet Charleston was born not too long ago, and what a lucky family she has. This sweet family was introduced to me at my gym- CrossFit Willis, and it’s so fun to be able to spend time and watch Charleston grow this year! They say that women “glow” when they are pregnant, but I swear Destinee is still glowing! She looked absolutely beautiful holding her precious baby girl.
There are no words to describe the love she has for her daughter. Destinee’s husband also joined in on the session, and we got some wonderful photos of him holding his baby girl. I love seeing these two friends of mine totally consumed with love and bliss for their sweet angel. This little one has the cutest little features, a head full of hair, and the most precious yawn you will ever see! Congratulations to the Williams family! I look forward to watching their baby girl grow up in the future!

Don’t Give Up. Keep Hustlin’. You Got This.

Don’t Give Up.  Keep Hustlin’.  You Got This.

This is a shoutout to all of those small business owners out there! As one myself, I am constantly reminded of the struggle. To be honest, we work so dang hard, and sometimes it is hard to keep going. What I love about it, though, is that the hard work totally pays off. There is nothing better than making wonderful clients happy, and building relationships with the amazing people I have the pleasure of working with. So, if you own a small business and need a little pick-me-up, this one is for you!
“Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” ―Conrad Hilton
One of the biggest things to remember when it comes to owning a small business is to keep going, even through those tough times. There are going to be those moments where business is slow, money is tight, or you are just to busy for words to explain. However, if you keep investing into your passion, it will all pay off in the end. Always remember that if you believe in yourself and your business, you CAN and WILL be successful!  And the ones who hustle are the ones who do well at it.  So never.stop.hustlin’.
“Never give up or lose faith in something that you know God has placed in your life.” – Unknown 
My favorite rule of thumb is to make time for yourself and your family. There is nothing more important than our loved ones, and it’s key to make time for them. As a photographer and small business owner, my schedule is always super busy. I absolutely love my job, but I don’t want to miss a single moment with my kiddos.  So learning how to prioritize and understanding that things can wait, or hiring help is key in being successful.
I have to make time for them. It’s not going to be those long work days that you will remember. It will be the sweet moments with your family filled with smiles and giggles. My favorite way of doing this is setting myself “work hours” that I try not to stray from. That way I can have guaranteed time with my family and I won’t resent work because it’s filling up all of my time.
“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” ―Harriet Beecher Stowe
Owning a small business is hard and I get it. Trust me.  Not knowing where your next paycheck will come, if it ever will, or dreaming for some sort of guaranteed stability is what all of us can relate on.  However, please please please do not give up! There is always a pay off in one way or another. Whether it be donating your time and talent to a family in need, seeing your clients burst into tears when they see the art you produced, or making new friends with your clients and their kiddos.  There is something raw and beautiful about forming relationships with the ones who support and trust you to fulfill their vision.  And with that, I should say as well… I totally support all local small businesses, as I understand how much time and dedication it takes. If you can relate, I appreciate you and all that you do! If you are interested in learning more about how to manage personal life with being a small business owner, you can find more info on my blog or reach out, I’d love to hear your questions!! <3

Extended Family of 5 Candid Pictures in The Woodlands

Extended Family of 5 Candid Pictures in The Woodlands

What a sweet family this one is! Daniella Garens and her loved ones came all the way from Dallas to visit me, and how happy I am that they did! Daniella had her two cute kiddos and her parents with her. These five are such kind spirits, and were a treasure to have in front of the camera!  With that, cheers to these adorable Extended Family of 5 Candid Pictures in The Woodlands.
If there was a mom of the year award, it would definitely go to Daniella! She is such a sweet and loving mama to both of her kids. It is obvious that they are the stars in her sky. That they are the fire that lights her soul. Daniella’s daughter broke her arm the week before the session, and she was a tad bit worried about how that would affect the session. Since I am a candid and lifestyle portrait photographer, this didn’t bother me in the least. It is so indicative of the sweet girl’s age. Daniella’s kiddos had so much fun, laughing and being silly the whole time. I was able to get some adorable photos of these two playing and hugging each other. I love seeing siblings getting along and having fun, probably because these moments can be rare in my house, haha! Let’s face it, siblings will be siblings. These two acted as if they were best friends, and it was so great to capture!
The grandparents joined us, and I’m so glad they were able to be a part of the family photos. They were a bit apprehensive to be in front of the camera at first, but they warmed up to it, and magic happened. We also had a couple pups join in on the session. You could tell that these two doggies are loved tremendously, and are definitely part of the family. My favorite part of the session was seeing all 7 of these precious family members sitting together. They were so fun, so natural, and overall a loving family.