Conroe Tx Child Photographer | Cutler

So last week as a Conroe Tx child photographer, I got the pleasure of spending the evening in Conroe with an old friend and her son, Cutler.  I stretched my imagination and branched out to do a style of photography that I normally don’t do–urban!  And let me tell you what, I REALLY LOVED IT!  It also helps tremendously when the family is so photogenic and so willing to also stretch their ideas and bring them to the session as well.  I totally appreciate the opportunity it brings when my clients are so willing to trust me and go with what I have in mind, because as a photographer, you have a certain vision in your head and you imagine it over and over until what’s in your head is projected on your camera!  And Tori and Cutler helped me to achieve just that for this session!

I also have had such a wonderful time exploring new locations throughout the Conroe area with my son and husband–and this is one of them.  It brings so much inspiration and so much excitement to my photography world and I have some great ideas for future photo shoots!

Thank you Tori and Cutler! <3  I hope everyone loves these pictures as much as I do! <3


Conroe Tx Child Photographer

Andrea Surak is a photographer specializing in child and family photography in Conroe, Tx.

Child and Family Photography is done in her studio in Conroe, Tx, serving The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis, Cypress and the Greater Houston Area or on-location in Montgomery County, Tx and the Greater Houston Area.

Andrea is known for her use of natural light and candid portraiture for child and family photography.  Click HERE to view a collection of my family and maternity work or visit the CONTACT form to get in touch! <3