Conroe engagement photographer | Brett & Sarah

I apologize for my absence for the past months on my blog.  It really is a terrible habit of mine that I tend to get into.  I feel like it’s hard to keep up with all the posts when I am trying to get my sessions back to my clients when they are excited to see them, and then I have another one, need to get that one to my client, so on and so forth.  So as a GOAL, I am going to TRY and post one session from the week and blog it.  So, here’s this week’s blog about my adventure as a Conroe engagement photographer!

This was a very special session for me, as most of you guys know (who follow me or know me personally), Sarah and I have been best friends for about 10 years now.  Our friendship seems to get stronger over the years, and I am truly happy that she found someone to take such great care of her!  Brett is equally as amazing as she is, and spending this time with them made me realize they are truly lucky to have one another. I was so honored that she chose me to capture there amazing relationship with each other, and while they are married, it did remind me of being a Conroe engagement photographer because they just show such love for one another! <3

Conroe engagement photographer

Andrea Surak is a photographer specializing in child and family photography in Conroe, Tx.

Child and Family Photography is done in her studio in Conroe, Tx, serving The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis, Cypress and the Greater Houston Area or on-location in Montgomery County, Tx and the Greater Houston Area.

Andrea is known for her use of natural light and candid portraiture for child and family photography.  Click HERE to view a collection of my family and maternity work or visit the CONTACT form to get in touch! <3