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I am a family photographer in Conroe, so my gear is a bit different than what you would want to buy.  If you would like more information, visit this post to find out more about my online photography workshop which will give inside details in my bag, what I use most often, and SOOOOO much more.  But I wanted to give some insight as to what a consumer might want to purchase!!  So here goes: We have all heard it, we have all seen it, we have all envied it.  Gear.  Camera Gear.  I get it all the time- “I love taking pictures and I am not trying to be a professional photographer… I just want to buy a nice camera to take pictures of my kid’s lives day-t0-day!”  So I figured I would write a blog post about just that.  Please do note- this post is not professional gear… it’s “consumer” gear.  I also should note- if you are a professional using this gear, I am not speaking badly of it, I am not saying you can’t be a professional if you’re using this gear… I am just saying that it was designed to be for the consumer. 🙂

If you are wanting to take pictures of your kids here’s a list of gear I would recommend:

Canon Rebel Kit

You’ll also need a memory card

And I recommend the 50mm f/1.8 portrait lens in addition to the kit lens

And then to edit your pictures I recommend Photoshop Elements

Hope this blog post was helpful and feel free to comment with any questions!! <3


family photographer in conroe

Andrea Surak is a photographer specializing in child and family photography in Conroe, Tx.

Child and Family Photography is done in her studio in Conroe, Tx, serving The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis, Cypress and the Greater Houston Area or on-location in Montgomery County, Tx and the Greater Houston Area.

Andrea is known for her use of natural light and candid portraiture for child and family photography.  Click HERE to view a collection of my family and maternity work or visit the CONTACT form to get in touch! <3

Family Photographer in Conroe, Tx