The Woodlands Family and Child Photographer – Summer Client Appreciation Event

The Woodlands Family and Child Photographer – Client Appreciation Event

Happy Tuesday, friends! <3  The kids are out of school, lemonade is my fridge demanding to be drank (well, ok, maybe it’s in capri sun packets) and I am still working.  As a premium The Woodlands Family and Child Photographer, I understand that pictures are an investment, and while we want to document as much of our kid’s childhoods, the budget just will not always allow.  Which made me think- how can I tell all of my client how TRULY grateful I am for their business?  Well, the best way I know how to do just that is by doing what I do best- giving you tangible memories!!!!

So I am so ecstatic to introduce my first annual Client Appreciation Event.  Soooo.. what is it, you ask?  Well, if you follow me at all, you may have known that I just moved into a new house on the North Side of Conroe in Willis, Tx.  We love our neighborhood, our neighbors, and our new home.  And what’s super duper cool- our backyard LITERALLY has an adorable natural running creek behind it.  When I laid eyes on it, I thought to myself… all the sessions.  Give me all the sessions!  Hahaha, so in true Andrea form- I made that dream a reality and this is where I will be hosting this event.  Right in my backyard.  So will you join me?  See below for details:

  • Offered to all 2016-2017 (YTD) full session clients (booked a full session with me in the last calendar year).  These sessions are a first come first served basis.
  • DATE: July 15th, 2017  Times: 4:00pm, 4:20pm, 4:40pm, 5:00pm. 5:20pm, 5:40pm, 6:00pm, 6:20pm, 6:40pm, 7:00pm, 7:20pm, 7:40pm.
  • These sessions are free!  No obligation to purchase, and an 8×10 gift print will be included in the session
  • This session can be your children, or the whole family!
  • Extremely candid and fun and carefree!  My absolute favorite kind <3
  • Each session will be 15 minutes long and will have at least 10 images for you to choose your 8×10 from
  • If you’d like to purchase them all, that option, of course, will be available and will be lower in cost than my “normal” session rates
  • You will have access to my wardrobe for you and your children if you’d like to utilize that, I just need to know ahead of time because I do expect them to get wet/dirty and they cannot be reused on different sessions
  • I will be serving refreshments for dads and mamas and have some treats for the kiddos (watermelon anyone??!!)
  • The creek rises pretty high after it rains, so there is a possibility of rescheduling to a different date if there is a heavy rainfall in the days prior.
  • Great for getting an updated family portrait, or getting updated shots of your babies!

I am so excited to be offering these, so let me know if you would like a time slot.  And be sure to reach out for scheduling those fall family sessions.  I am already booking and only taking a limited amount for this coming year!!


The Woodlands Family and Child Photographer


The Woodlands Family Photography | The Miller Family

The Woodlands Family Photography | The Miller Family

The Woodlands Family Photography | The Miller Family

This shoot was for DoTERRA’s (essential oils) member magazine, DoTERRA Living, that goes out to all their members. The Millers were actually selected to be featured in the magazine, and they asked me to be their photographer! What an incredible compliment and honor.
DoTERRA’s essential oils are volatile, aromatic compounds that occur naturally in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other plant parts. They have been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices for many many years. While there are over 3,0000 varieties of essential oils, each contains its own unique and specific benefits. Each pertain to a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. Such as soothing sore muscles, helping with digestion, improving sleep, and reducing nervousness and anxiety. In fact, my aunt had introduced me to essential oils several years back, and I absolutely love them. There are so many great benefits that they can offer its unbelievable.

About this Session

The Millers were an absolute pleasure to work with. Amy and Jim are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and their three boys were so fun and delightful. The twin boys were just too cute and so full of energy and personality, and their big brother, Noah, was so handsome, mature, and caring for his two little brothers. They were so sweet to their mama, bringing her flowers and giving her kisses, and they loved wrestling with Dad! How fun?!!! I can definitely see why the Millers were chosen to be featured in DoTERRA’s member magazine; this family’s love for each other is so unbelievable, and as the pictures show, they are so full of life and make one great team as a family.
I am so blessed and fortunate that my passion for photography brings me to meeting and working with such wonderful and amazing families like the Millers and allows for amazing opportunities like this one. I can’t even express how blessed I am to have my work featured in magazines, such as DoTERRA’s Living Magazine, for causes and products I believe in and love myself through photos of a such a beautiful and lovely family.
What a fun family! Being the Miller family’s The Woodlands Family Photography artist was such a treat! Love those smiles!!

The Woodlands Tx Family Fun | Grimaldi’s Pizza

The Woodlands Tx Family Fun | Grimaldi’s Pizza

The Woodlands Tx Family Fun | Grimaldi’s Pizza

Oh pizza, you little fiend. As soon as I promise myself I’m switching to a 100% wholistic yogi-approved diet plan… I close my eyes and you rear your deliciously tempting head! Like clockwork, I fight my urges as you tempt me with thoughts of mozzarella and pepperoni, but inevitably I cave. And where do I love to find myself when I cave? Grimaldi’s Pizza of course! Nestled in the heart of The Woodlands, this little corner of heaven has been providing my my favorite vice ever since I first laid eyes on you, three long years ago.  A definite go to if your’re looking for some The Woodlands Tx Family Fun!

If you’re looking for some yummy family fun in The Woodlands, Grimaldi’s is the place to go. With a splash pad and concert hall literally next door and a rooftop wine lounge atop the restaurant, there’s plenty of fun for every family member.

The next time you find yourself in The Woodlands, stop in, grab a slice of Brooklyn style pizza-pie, have a beer and enjoy the waterway! You won’t regret it… Believe me! <3

The Woodlands Tx Family Fun

I absolutely love capturing the love and happiness that flows through so many families in The Woodlands, TX.

To book your own The Woodlands family session, get in touch!

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

20 Waterway Ave Ste. 100
Woodlands, TX 77380

The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer | Meghan

The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer | Meghan

As any of you parents out there know, a good baby sitter is HARD to find. I’m talking, a long-term, reliable, no wories half way through your movie kind of good baby-sitter. This amazing girl has been just that for me and my husband and I couldn’t thank God more for her help over the years! Its hard to believe she’s grown into this gorgeous young woman and is about the fly the nest, but such is the process of life! I wish time would slow down!! I adored being her The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer though! She was super fun to capture!

I love knowing all the sides of Meghan’s personality. Such a hard worker when it comes to her school work, such a wonderful friend and a sweet goofy spirit to top it all of. In other words, a pretty dadgum amazing human all around.

Meghan is such a wonderful young woman and so incredibly photogenic. I’ve watched her grow from a baby into the woman she is today and I couldn’t be more proud to have been witness to such a beautiful process. I know the future holds only wonderful things for her and her amazing family!

The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer

Meghan is such an amazing young woman. I’ve loved watching her grow over the years and was so excited to be her The Woodlands Senior Portrait Photographer!

Interested in booking your own senior portrait session? Let’s chat!