Conroe Newborn Photographer | Morvant Family of 3

Conroe Newborn Photographer | Morvant Family of 3

If you have watched the news in the last month, you may have noticed that Hurricane Harvey hit my beloved Houston area.  As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey was a cat 4 hurricane that wrecked our city, but Houston banded together, joined arms and hands and hearts of our neighbors.  It was a joyous occasion to see, while being very sad at the exact same moment.  However, we Houstonians WILL prevail.  We will get through this.  Together.  As a Conroe Newborn Photographer, it is my job to share some of the sunshine after the storm, so meet the Morvant family! <3

People’s homes were ravished during the flood, place of businesses, and those of us small business owners are faced with the what ifs and the threat of a slower season and what comes with all of that.  As not to get selfish or think the worst, the reality that we face must be in our minds.

In a time like this, I think it is important to keep sharing our blessings and continue to spread sunshine, because darkness casts shadows over that sunshine.  So that’s why I chose to share this Conroe Newborn Photography Portrait Session, of the sweet baby Blake.  I went to school with her sweet mama.  Seeing old classmates is truly so fun so it was just the cherry on top of an already exciting session!

About this Conroe Newborn Photographer Session

Baby Blake came to visit me in my North Conroe studio, right off of FM830.   I have a natural light photography studio located sweetly and conveniently right off of I-45 in north Conroe.  All newborn portrait sessions are done in my studio and are focused on the connection of each family while creating beautiful newborn art that simple, organic, modern with a classic feel to them.  While I do believe that posing newborns is an art form all in itself, I do take a “free posed” approach to my newborn sessions.

For more information on how to book your newborn portrait session with me, email me!  I’d love to hear from you! <3

Conroe Newborn Photographer

Conroe Photographer Newborn and Maternity | Eurri

Conroe Photographer Newborn and Maternity | Eurri

I see such a terrible trend in myself- the feat of blogging.  Woe is me!  I do not understand why the feat of blogging seems so difficult.  While my sister company is Organic Blogging, I do like to keep the content here on my photography site by me since that site stays pretty busy.  So.. without further ‘ado- this Conroe Photographer Newborn and Maternity session is next on the bloggity blog!

How I styled this maternity photography session

Eurri borrowed three dresses from my studio wardrobe (now located off of FM830 in Willis, Tx).  She wore two that were from Free People (the mauve-y toned one and the green caftan).  Although my white vintage maxi dress is a client favorite, I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I got it.  The brand of clothing says Flying Tomato, but I bought if off of a boutique on Instagram.  And of course, the lovely flower crown you see pictured is by the ever talented, Tamara Wylie Designs!

Eurri and I have been friends for about 4 – 5 years now.  She’s someone I have ran to in times of despair, has been there for me for countless business talks, chats, advice, and therapy sessions and I am so proud to call her my friend.  When she welcomed her second child in the world, I knew I had to get her in front of my camera.  And what better model to test my new studio space with?  Why, her, of course!!! 🙂

If you are in need of a Conroe Photographer newborn and maternity, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I would love to be considered!  My studio is now located off of FM830 slightly north of Conroe, Tx in Willis, Tx.  And for more information on family sessions, senior portraits, or anything else, I’m here!  Waiting to meet ya! <3

Conroe Photographer Newborn and Maternity