Candid Photography | What a Photography Session is like with Me!

What is a Photography Session Like with Andrea Surak Photography?

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2018 so far. Hiring a photographer can be a difficult process. Many questions arise such as, “Will my photographer’s vision match my own? Will me and my family feel comfortable? What happens if my kids are acting like wild monkeys?” – along with many many more! I understand that these questions pop up, so I am here to help. Here’s what you can expect when booking a session with Andrea Surak Photography:

Newborn Photography Sessions

Newborn sessions can be some of the most unpredictable sessions because these little ones can be, well, unpredictable! Creating a safe environment is my top priority. We all know how fragile newborns can be, so I have invested a lot in the most safe, sanitary, and comfortable props for your little ones to rest on. My second priority is that the sessions are stress free. I want you and your precious baby to feel content, cozy, and comfy at all costs. Yes, there may be crying, accidents, and spit up, but that is all expected. I have two children of my own, so I completely understand the struggle. We will get the perfect photos of your little one regardless of any worries you may have, even if that means we have to go to a more lifestyle environment with you and your sweet and perfect family.  I also love to integrate my passion for candid photography into all of my sessions, including your sweet baby’s first photoshoot.

Family Photography Sessions

When it comes to family sessions, I try to create a laid-back atmosphere. Yes, your kiddos will act wild and crazy, but this is the time to let them! Let them play around and have fun. After all, our goal is to get their pretty little smiles, and what better way to do that than letting them play? If your kiddo (or kiddos) are very shy in front of the camera, it’s okay to let them bring something along with them to the session that they love. Moral of the story: don’t stress. Relax, have fun, and it will be an amazing experience for all of us!

Candid Photography

Taking candid photos was where it all began for me. My photography passion started after taking candid photos of my son. I fell in love with the photos that caught him in the moment. It was like I could take a moment where he was having so much fun, and turn it into something that I could hold and cherish forever. My passion for this raw and realistic photography has grown into my photography business as well. I live for those moments of capturing kids laughing those cute belly laughs. Those moments of two people looking at each other with love in their eyes. Moments of a new mother holding her new baby. I want to make your greatest memories something that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.
Hopefully I have answered some of the questions that have been stirring around in your head. Have more questions? Interested in booking a session? I would love to chat with you! Please click here to contact me!

Houston Indoor Lifestyle Family Photography | The Anderson Family

Houston Indoor Lifestyle Family Photography | The Anderson Family

Houston Indoor Lifestyle Family Photography | The Anderson Family

Words cannot describe what this family means to me. They are long term friends of mine, and I am so unbelievably blessed to have them in my life. John’s wife passed away in June 2015, and she was a very well-known and very talented newborn photographer. Jamie was such a close friend to me, and such an inspiration. Being a Houston indoor lifestyle family photography artist has been heavily influenced by sweet Jamie. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her influence and guidance.

Welcoming Natalie into the Fold

John has recently found the next love of his life and I could not be any happier for this wonderful man. This session was his new and amazing wife’s bridal shoot, along with their “engagement” pictures. I couldn’t help but to be in awe of this gorgeous and talented woman, Natalie. Not just because she is breath-takingly beautiful, but because the aura she gives off is so sweet and kind natured. I’m seriously ecstatic for John and this new chapter in his life.

A Stunning Family

John and Natalie’s session was joined by their precious children. Aubree, the youngest, was full of energy and such a personality! This little one was so silly and had a lot of fun throughout the session. One thing that I loved about this session was the amazing decorations throughout the home. Natalie has the BEST taste in home décor and works at Ethan Allen in The Woodlands (18390 Interstate 45S, The Woodlands, Tx).
Their home was a dream come true, and made it such a beautiful place to have a session! Natalie and John have such a great connection, and you can see their loving chemistry in nearly every photo. I adored the images we captured of them sitting in side-by-side smiling and laughing at one another. It was also so fun to see the kids playing and giggling with each other!
This sweet family has been through some tough times, but I am so thrilled to see that they have found their happiness. I know Jamie is so happy to see that such a wonderful woman, such as Natalie, has entered their lives. Congratulations to John and Natalie! If you are interested in booking a session with a Houston Indoor Lifestyle Family Photographer, please email me, or simply click here!
This family is so incredibly near and dear to my heart. Capturing their Houston Indoor Lifestyle Family Photography was such an honor!

Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children | The DeGeorgio Family

Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children | The DeGeorgio Family

Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children | The DeGeorgio Family

Meet the DeGeorgio family, some of the most fun and caring folks that I have ever met! Adina, a sweet mom of two, won athlete of the month over at the gym I attend and I was honored to be their Conroe family photographer that evening!  This family is part of my fit fam over at CrossFit Willis, and I love being able to capture sweet moments for these people who are so dear to me. It’s families like these that remind me how blessed I am to provide stress free Conroe family sessions with older children.

The DeGeorgio’s

Adina and her husband are seriously some of the most fun parents I have ever met! They have two teenage daughters, and I just loved the chemistry between the four of them. It is obvious that they are very close, and are always laughing and playing jokes on each other! We all know that teenagers can sometimes drift away from their parents, but the DeGeorgio’s have really stuck together as a team through thick and thin. I love that about them!

Their Outdoor Session

We chose to do a candid session in a beautiful field right off of FM 1097 in Willis (just about a short 15 minute drive from The Woodlands, and about 40 minutes from North Houston). The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, especially trees in the background. They curved inwards, which made for the perfect natural frame around the family. Not to mention, there were dandelions, and there is nothing more fun than making wishes and blowing on them in the wind!
I always try to create a stress-free environment for my clients. In order to do this, I encourage them to be themselves, have fun, and play as much as possible. After all, this is the best way to get those natural smiles. The DeGeorgio’s had no problem being themselves, and had a blast throughout the session, especially Dad! He is hilarious, and constantly making his girls laugh. I loved the images I was able to get of them in the moment laughing at each other, and at the gym, he has everyone in stitches, too.  What great memories they will be able to cherish forever!
This is such an amazing family! I love capturing Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children. Especially when they’re as hilarious as these four!

Clothing Store Recommendations for The Woodlands Family and Newborn Photography

Clothing Store Recommendations for The Woodlands Family and Newborn Photography

When it comes to preparing for a session with your photographer, wardrobe is such a huge component, as it can totally affect the outcome of your photos. Are you stuck on what you and your family should wear for your newborn or family session?

Here are 4 ideas on great places that will provide the perfect wardrobe you are looking for!

1. My client wardrobe – I have invested in a wardrobe for my clients to use, if needed or wanted! This wardrobe is free for all clients to use. It includes tops, bottoms, and mostly maxi dresses that compliment any body type.  I have sizes for women that range from 2-12 and if you are interested in wearing pieces from my wardrobe, be sure to contact me if you want to schedule a wardrobe consult.
2. Free People – Free People has a vintage, classic look that tends to flatter nearly all body types. They can be a bit on the pricy side, but sometimes have great sales online and in stores. If you like floral, lace, and flowy clothing, this is the store for you.  You can visit this store locally, in The Woodlands Mall (located at 1201 Lake Woodlands Dr, The Woodlands, Tx 77380) right off the freeway, or visit their website to view their beautiful, high end pieces! <3
3. ASOS – This clothing brand was originally meant to portray clothing that was “as seen on screen,” or styles that were worn for celebrities. ASOS offers the most recent styles, geared for adults in their 20’s. Shop here if you want the current trends to be portrayed in your sessions.  This website is online and I believe based out of the UK.  You can visit their website here.  And be sure to always check their sale items.  Beautiful pieces for affordable prices!!
4. Old Navy (for kids) – Old Navy is a well known store that offers affordable clothing that is not only adorable, but comfortable for your kiddos. Their goal is to appeal to it’s customers with fun, fashion, and value.  They have a store located in The Woodlands in the Portofino Center (19075 Interstate 45 S, Shenandoah, Tx 77385) and one in Conroe at the Conroe Marketplace (2908 I45 N, Conroe, Tx 77303).  You can also shop styles conveniently online!
5. Gap (for kids) – Gap is similar to Old Navy, but slightly more pricey. There’s more bang for your buck, though, because the clothes will last longer than most. They are known to have classic styles that tend to stick around for several generations, as well as trendy options that go with the current times.  Gap Kids is located at the Premium Outlets in Cypress (29300 Hempstead Rd, Cypress, Tx 77433) if you need to get something quick, but their online selection is so convenient and a wealth of really amazing styles.
  The Woodlands Family and Newborn Photography
If you have any questions about my client wardrobe, or any other recommendations you may need on selecting the perfect outfits for you and your family, feel free to reach out here!

The Woodlands Stress Free Newborn Photography | Stevie

The Woodlands Stress Free Newborn Photography | Stevie

The Woodlands Stress Free Newborn Photography | Stevie

Ah, this amazing mama is so dear to me! Alyx is one of my good friends, and I had the sweet sweet pleasure of having her new little one in my studio! This precious baby was so stinkin’ cute, and I am so glad I was able to spend some quality time her.

Her Snuggly Studio Session

My studio is conveniently located right off I-45 N and FM 830, just a short 15 minute drive from The Woodlands. I love having a studio, especially for newborn sessions. It really makes for a stress-free environment for the little ones. There is nothing better than having a cozy little newborn sleeping soundly in the studio. A photographer’s dream!  This baby girl, Stevie, was so cuddly and calm, and slumbered away on the comfy blankets and pillows we surrounded her with.
Alyx and I decided on a simple session that showed off  Stevie’s beautiful features. We mostly did simple, natural poses that allowed for Stevie to stay comfortable the whole time. I just loved how she stretched her little arms half-way up. It’s safe to say that she is one of the cutest little sleepers, ever!

A Natural Beauty

We used flowers and other florals by Tamara Wylie Designs, and wow, does she do an amazing job! I am always impressed by her simple, yet elegant designs. Big sister and momma also joined in on Stevie’s session, and it was so sweet to see the three of them altogether. What a precious family!
One of the many blessings of being a photographer is working with beautiful families like this one. I am forever thankful for all of my amazing clients for putting their trust in me time and time again. I hope 2018 brings all of you many blessings! If you are looking for a stress-free convenient photographer, please feel free to email me, or simply click here!
Capturing The Woodlands Stress Free Newborn Photography allows, not only, for a wonderful experience for mama, but for a gorgeous and natural collection!

Montgomery Candid Family Photographer | Thomman Family

Montgomery Candid Family Photographer | Thomman Family

This is the Thomman family, some of the most fun and caring people I have ever gotten to work with! This sweet family contacted me recently to book a family session, and I could not have been more excited. Being a Montgomery Candid Family Photographer, I continuously meet amazing clients with amazing stories. And this is one of them.
Meet the Family
A wonderful family of four, the Thomman’s have service for others in their hearts. Dad is in the Army, and that in itself is amazing. Each day, he works hard to protect the lives of others around him.  Mom is an assistant principal at an elementary school in College Station.  She has a passion for educating little ones, which is also such a sacrifice for others. Eli, their sweet son has Cystic Fibrosis, but doesn’t let that get in his way at all. He continues to go through life with a happy-go-lucky attitude. And his sister, Samantha, is one of the sweetest and kind-hearted little souls I have ever met.  The Thomman’s are such a selfless, beautiful family, and I am so honored to have been able to serve them by capturing sweet memories that they can cherish for a lifetime!
A Candid Session
Candid photography is my passion, as I love being able to capture raw, natural, beautiful emotions. This sweet family was perfect for this, because they are such amazing, fun people! They had no problem letting loose and getting “in the moment,” which makes for an exciting day for everyone involved. Mom and Dad seemed to thoroughly enjoy spending a day with their kiddos. Eli was filled with energy, laughing and giggling so much! Samantha was sweet as can be, and smiled such a beautiful smile when interacting with her family. Reading is very important to the Thomman’s, so I loved that the kids brought books along with them to read. The books they were holding gave a little bit of a personalized touch, because their names were in the titles. All in all, it was a beautiful day with beautiful clients, of course!
Working with this sweet family has given me a little more insight about what it means to be a servant for other people. I think we could all gain something from the Thomman’s in one way or another.
If you are interested in learning more about Cystic Fibrosis, please click here. I’m sure it would mean a ton to this family for others to be more aware on ways to help!

Houston Photography: How to Manage Personal Life with being a Small Business Owner

Houston Photography: How to Manage Personal Life with being a Small Business Owner

If I had a dollar for every single time someone says, “I have no idea how you manage it all” I would seriously be the next Bill Gates.  haha 😉  As a mom, it seems that I always have my hands full. I mean, let’s face it, us moms are so busy constantly! From taking care of kids (and all that entails), taking care of personal responsibilities, making my husband feel loved and special, and trying to have a personal life in between, it seems impossible to add anything else on the to-do list. However, I had a passion for photography, and wanted to start a business following my dreams. I am here to tell all of you busy folks that it is possible! Whether you are a parent, a student, or just a busy person, you can definitely pursue so much more. Here are 4 tips on managing personal life with starting a new business.  When I first started doing Houston Photography, I “wore all the hats” and often felt like I was drowning.  I am proud to say, that I started doing these 4 things and my quality of life has significantly improved!
1. Start by outsourcing your least favorite task (whether it be in your personal life or business side). For example, hire a house cleaner, a photo editor, a person to manage your emails, or social media posts, etc. One great example of this is Wal-Mart (the most successful business ever). One person doesn’t wear all the hats. There’s department managers, store managers, regional managers, clerks, financial people, social media managers, etc etc etc etc! It’s proven to be successful. The same goes in any business.  So to outsource the tasks that doesn’t “ruffle your feathers” that seems like, “I can’t afford that, I can do it, etc.”  But the reality is- to make space for big thinking, you HAVE to do this.
2. Set yourself “work hours” – and don’t skew from them. This creates more “normalcy” in your life and sets good expectations for your clients on response times and turnaround times. It also kind of forces you to have time off. Time off is such a crucial part of owning a business. You need to take time for yourself and your family without work affairs involved.  And REALLY take time off.  Shut your emails off after your work hours are over, set up an auto responder for said emails that tell your clients that you will get back to them first thing in the morning, etc.  Enjoy these moments with your babies.  With your husband or wife.  Time is the only thing we will never be able to get back.
3. Prioritize. Your family should always come first. Many times we often find ourselves consumed with our jobs that we tend to do the opposite. However, making time for your family is something that you will find to be the most rewarding. 30 years from now, you won’t cherish those long nights on the job. What you WILL cherish are the memories made with your loved ones. This doesn’t have to be related to work, either. Make time elsewhere, such as chores around the house. The dishes can wait – take your kids on a bike ride on a beautiful day!
4. You matter, too! Making time for yourself is so important. We all need time to “recharge.” For instance, I enjoy going to the gym and getting a good workout in. This is something for me that I make time for. Without my fitfam over at CrossFit Willis, I think my brain would be on “insane” mode on the regular.  Give yourself a time in the day to read a book, write in your journal, tend to your garden, etc. YOU are so important!