Andrea Surak Conroe Newborn Photography Style

Andrea Surak Conroe Newborn Photography Style

Being a newborn photographer in The Woodlands area, I have invested a lot of time in creating a unique, versatile, and comfortable environment for my clients. Baby photography has become a huge passion of mine. Let’s face it, is there anything cuter than a sweet sleepy newborn?! If you have ever wondered what it’s like to book a newborn session with Andrea Surak Photography, here is what you can expect during your experience:
1. Neutral Colors – I tend to use neutral colors throughout the session. This ensures that the images never seem dated. It keeps them displayable year round. So if you ever feel the urge to send your friends and family a cute photo of your little one, you do not have to worry about it looking too wintery, summery, etc.
2. Free Posed – When it comes to newborn sessions, one of my main priorities is that your little one is comfortable. I do not try to bend the baby into positions that they don’t typically bend in. My philosophy is to let your little one tell his/her story and capture their personalities (because believe it or not, they have one even that young/little).
3. Simple – Newborns are precious as can be, and in my opinion, the session should be all about them! I try not to use too many props or background images. These can take away from all of those adorable features that a newborn has. I try to focus on your little one’s precious sleeping face, their cute little toes, and all of the other things we love about babies!
4. Accessories – One think that I’m a sucker for are bonnets and tiebacks (headbands)! There is nothing sweeter than seeing a precious little one with a cute flower headband. Plus, this helps distinguish the gender of your little one, if that is something you are interested in!
5. Natural & Organic – I love the look of natural and organic props in a newborn session, such as fresh flowers and greenery. Plus, it is cost effective and safe for your little one to be surrounded with! I usually find these beautiful, natural props outside of my house. 
6. Stress and Care Free – I have to admit, I am always looking for simple and easy ways to do things. My best environment is one that is free of stress. I want my clients’ experience to be enjoyable rather than stressful. I found it best to let toddlers and babies control the session. If they cry, no worries! I have two kids of my own, and totally understand. I will only attempt certain poses a couple of times, otherwise, we move on. Easy newborn photography is my priority, so no need to worry if your little one is not “cooperating” the way you hoped.
7. Parent and Sibling Shots – I love being able to capture the sweet moments of loved ones snuggling up to the new baby in the family. I always encourage those natural emotions that occur spur of the moment. They turn out so beautifully! There is nothing better than capturing real smiles and real laughter. I use the same approach as my family sessions. What can I say? I just love candid newborn photography!



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