Houston Photography: How to Manage Personal Life with being a Small Business Owner

Houston Photography: How to Manage Personal Life with being a Small Business Owner

If I had a dollar for every single time someone says, “I have no idea how you manage it all” I would seriously be the next Bill Gates.  haha 😉  As a mom, it seems that I always have my hands full. I mean, let’s face it, us moms are so busy constantly! From taking care of kids (and all that entails), taking care of personal responsibilities, making my husband feel loved and special, and trying to have a personal life in between, it seems impossible to add anything else on the to-do list. However, I had a passion for photography, and wanted to start a business following my dreams. I am here to tell all of you busy folks that it is possible! Whether you are a parent, a student, or just a busy person, you can definitely pursue so much more. Here are 4 tips on managing personal life with starting a new business.  When I first started doing Houston Photography, I “wore all the hats” and often felt like I was drowning.  I am proud to say, that I started doing these 4 things and my quality of life has significantly improved!
1. Start by outsourcing your least favorite task (whether it be in your personal life or business side). For example, hire a house cleaner, a photo editor, a person to manage your emails, or social media posts, etc. One great example of this is Wal-Mart (the most successful business ever). One person doesn’t wear all the hats. There’s department managers, store managers, regional managers, clerks, financial people, social media managers, etc etc etc etc! It’s proven to be successful. The same goes in any business.  So to outsource the tasks that doesn’t “ruffle your feathers” that seems like, “I can’t afford that, I can do it, etc.”  But the reality is- to make space for big thinking, you HAVE to do this.
2. Set yourself “work hours” – and don’t skew from them. This creates more “normalcy” in your life and sets good expectations for your clients on response times and turnaround times. It also kind of forces you to have time off. Time off is such a crucial part of owning a business. You need to take time for yourself and your family without work affairs involved.  And REALLY take time off.  Shut your emails off after your work hours are over, set up an auto responder for said emails that tell your clients that you will get back to them first thing in the morning, etc.  Enjoy these moments with your babies.  With your husband or wife.  Time is the only thing we will never be able to get back.
3. Prioritize. Your family should always come first. Many times we often find ourselves consumed with our jobs that we tend to do the opposite. However, making time for your family is something that you will find to be the most rewarding. 30 years from now, you won’t cherish those long nights on the job. What you WILL cherish are the memories made with your loved ones. This doesn’t have to be related to work, either. Make time elsewhere, such as chores around the house. The dishes can wait – take your kids on a bike ride on a beautiful day!
4. You matter, too! Making time for yourself is so important. We all need time to “recharge.” For instance, I enjoy going to the gym and getting a good workout in. This is something for me that I make time for. Without my fitfam over at CrossFit Willis, I think my brain would be on “insane” mode on the regular.  Give yourself a time in the day to read a book, write in your journal, tend to your garden, etc. YOU are so important!



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  • January 3, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    I needed to read this today! Let’s make 2018 our best year yet! I’m so glad you will be part of my 2018!!!

    • January 3, 2018 at 9:59 pm

      Heck yes to 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad YOU will be part of my 2018, too! <3


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