Natural Baby Girl Photography in The Woodlands Tx

Natural Baby Girl Photography in The Woodlands Tx

I remember when my first child was born. Part of me was terrified, not sure of what to expect. But I was also ecstatic to meet my son that I had been waiting forever to finally hold. When Caleb was born, my whole world stopped. I was finally a mother. I was finally his mother. There was nothing in the world that I loved more than the precious baby that was placed in my lap after several hours of labor.
All I could do was cry tears of joy in that precious moment. As a new mother, I knew that what I had gone through and what was in front of me was more special than anything I had ever experienced in my life. I wanted nothing more that to cherish that moment forever.
As a photographer, I want my clients to be able to document those precious memories and moments that they never want to let go of. I want to offer them a service that will provide them with a treasure that they can hold forever. Whether it’s in an album or hung on the wall, sweet photos of your children will never get old. I promise.

The Williams Family and their Precious Charleston

Meet the newest addition to the Williams family! Sweet Charleston was born not too long ago, and what a lucky family she has. This sweet family was introduced to me at my gym- CrossFit Willis, and it’s so fun to be able to spend time and watch Charleston grow this year! They say that women “glow” when they are pregnant, but I swear Destinee is still glowing! She looked absolutely beautiful holding her precious baby girl.
There are no words to describe the love she has for her daughter. Destinee’s husband also joined in on the session, and we got some wonderful photos of him holding his baby girl. I love seeing these two friends of mine totally consumed with love and bliss for their sweet angel. This little one has the cutest little features, a head full of hair, and the most precious yawn you will ever see! Congratulations to the Williams family! I look forward to watching their baby girl grow up in the future!



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