North Houston Family Photographer | What I Wear While Capturing Baby and Family Sessions

North Houston Family Photographer | What I Wear While Capturing Baby and Family Sessions

As a Conroe family and baby photographer, I am constantly on the move. I travel to many different places, and often have to stay active during sessions in order to make candid photography possible. My goal is to get those perfect photos of my clients in the moment. Capturing pure joy, such as kids playing in a field, or a baby laughing one of those adorable belly laughs. In order to make this happen, I have to constantly twist, turn, and move my body. A wardrobe is definitely something that you have to plan ahead of time in order to be an on-the-move photographer.

Comfort is King

Comfort is a must for me. It’s hard to catch the perfect photos when I’m wearing something that is uncomfortable. I want to be able to move around freely, but look cute at the same time. My favorite brand is Lulu Lemon. Their clothing is functional as well as comfy. They have clothing that is not only meant for being active, but it promotes healthy living and mindfulness. Not to mention, it’s super cute!  Jeans are also a classic favorite of mine. They allow me to be casual, but I can also dress them up if I need to.
I always try to remember that wardrobes represent my brand. First impressions set the tone of a session, so I always keep in mind that what I wear represents how I want to be seen. Because my photography brand represents candid, fun, and relaxed, I always try to portray this into how I look. I also want to be relatable to my clients. If they dress casually, I want to match that so they don’t feel out of place.
Often, my wardrobe tends to change from time to time. It’s okay to have flexibly in terms of what you wear! For example, my wardrobe for family sessions are much different than my wardrobe for weddings. If I am attending a wedding as a photographer, I am going to dress more professionally. A good rule of thumb is to dress comfortable, professional, and relatable!
All in all, I love picking out the perfect outfit for a session! Being a North Houston Family Photographer is truly a blessing, and I love getting to work with such amazing clients!



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