Photographer in Downtown Conroe | Conroe Coffee is My Jam

Photographer in Downtown Conroe | Conroe Coffee is My Jam

More often than not, things come up, and I need somewhere to go. Whether it be a place to hang with my friends or a business meeting, I always find a good solution to be Conroe Coffee. This cute little coffee shop is the perfect atmosphere for just about anything. Not to mention, they have amazing food and beverages that are certain to complete your day.  So being a photographer in downtown Conroe, I never can resist stopping by to say hello!
Conroe Coffee is located right off of North Main Street in Conroe. It is a great business, filled with friendly staff. I love being able to walk into an establishment and feel welcomed right away. The folks at Conroe Coffee are super smiley and easy to talk to. When you first walk in, it looks small, but seems to get bigger as you walk through. There is art covering the walls, and more art surrounding the counter and tables. It’s got a bohemian, eclectic vibe that will ensure that you and your company have plenty of conversation topics. I seriously love the atmosphere!
The best part of Conroe Coffee is their menu. They have mouth watering pastries, kolaches, sandwiches, and quite the coffee menu. One of their most popular drinks is the Nutella latte, and let me tell you, it is amazing! When I have a business meeting with Organic Blogging, clients for my photography, Conroe Coffee is always my go to. This local shop has delicious food, delicious coffee, and an even better atmosphere. They also own Poppy’s in Willis, and it is as equally as good!
If you live in the Conroe or The Woodlands area and need a place to meet up with friends or colleagues, Conroe Coffee is the place for you. You will have beautiful surroundings and amazing people around you. You will also be supporting a local business, which has endless benefits for the city of Conroe. If you are interested in learning more about Conroe Coffee, click here!



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