Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children | The DeGeorgio Family

Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children | The DeGeorgio Family

Meet the DeGeorgio family, some of the most fun and caring folks that I have ever met! Adina, a sweet mom of two, won athlete of the month over at the gym I attend and I was honored to be their Conroe family photographer that evening!  This family is part of my fit fam over at CrossFit Willis, and I love being able to capture sweet moments for these people who are so dear to me. It’s families like these that remind me how blessed I am to provide stress free Conroe family sessions with older children.

The DeGeorgio’s

Adina and her husband are seriously some of the most fun parents I have ever met! They have two teenage daughters, and I just loved the chemistry between the four of them. It is obvious that they are very close, and are always laughing and playing jokes on each other! We all know that teenagers can sometimes drift away from their parents, but the DeGeorgio’s have really stuck together as a team through thick and thin. I love that about them!

Their Outdoor Session

We chose to do a candid session in a beautiful field right off of FM 1097 in Willis (just about a short 15 minute drive from The Woodlands, and about 40 minutes from North Houston). The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, especially trees in the background. They curved inwards, which made for the perfect natural frame around the family. Not to mention, there were dandelions, and there is nothing more fun than making wishes and blowing on them in the wind!
I always try to create a stress-free environment for my clients. In order to do this, I encourage them to be themselves, have fun, and play as much as possible. After all, this is the best way to get those natural smiles. The DeGeorgio’s had no problem being themselves, and had a blast throughout the session, especially Dad! He is hilarious, and constantly making his girls laugh. I loved the images I was able to get of them in the moment laughing at each other, and at the gym, he has everyone in stitches, too.  What great memories they will be able to cherish forever!
This is such an amazing family! I love capturing Stress Free Conroe Family Session with Older Children. Especially when they’re as hilarious as these four!



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