The Woodlands and Conroe Photographer | 5 Tips for Photographing with your Phone

The Woodlands and Conroe Photographer | 5 Tips for Photographing with your Phone

As a mom of two and The Woodlands and Conroe Photographer, I am constantly on the go. Whether it’s taking my kids to school, fixing a boo boo, or just simply doing something fun, I am always busy and rarely have time to get myself (and my kids) completely together. And let’s face it – so many wonderful memories are made that I never want to forget. I want to document and cherish it all. Unfortunately, with a busy lifestyle, I don’t always have my camera on me. That’s why I decided that my phone will have to be a substitute every now and then. And lucky for me, I have learned a few handy tricks on making photos on your phone look good enough to frame! Here are my top 5 tips for photographing with your phone:


  1. Photography is basically the study of light, so photography is less about the camera and more about manipulating light in your favor. To practice first, put your subject in front of a window and move around your subject to see what lighting looks best. The more you work with the light, the better you will get! You will be surprised at how much light can affect your pictures.
  2. Don’t expect young children to smile and look at the camera. They just do not operate this way. There are two ways around this. First, try “bribing” them. Some people call it bribing, I call it positive reinforcement. Offering them a piece of candy or a small toy can do wonders. If that doesn’t work, lower your expectations. Kids will be kids, so sometimes you just have to work around it. Try to go for the candid look, and capture a few moments of them playing or laughing.
  3. Take the flash off of your camera and try using natural light. Sometimes the flash can create shadows that can warp the photo. I always find myself about to take an adorable photo, and then the flash comes on and it looks completely different. Using natural light makes your images appear softer and more beautiful.
  4. Try taking your subject off center and playing around with the composition of your photographs. Don’t be afraid to move around and have fun with it. Use worms eye view or birds eye view to make your pictures more interesting!
  5. Download a good (but easy) editing software like VSCO to develop a sort of “style” to your pictures. Everyone’s eye is drawn to a specific type of photography, and these apps will help you explore what you like best.

The Woodlands and Conroe Photographer

Using your phone to photograph sweet memories of you and your loved ones can be just what you are looking for. Have fun with it!!  And if you want to book a session for me to document your life for an evening, be sure to get in touch here! <3  I would be honored to be your The Woodlands and Conroe Photographer!!



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