The Woodlands Photographer Summer Series | 5 Inexpensive and Fun Summer Activities to do with you and your kiddos at home

The Woodlands Photographer Summer Series | 5 Inexpensive and Fun Summer Activities to do with Your Kiddos without Leaving Home

Summer is right around the corner, and I am determined to make it one of the best yet! Kiddos will be getting out of school, which means houses will be a little busier than normal. I am super excited to spend time with my kids, but let’s face it – being cooped up in the house tends to get a little tiring, especially when there is nothing to do.

Solution? I would say take them places, but as much as I love taking my kids to water parks and other fun summer places, that stuff gets expensive. Not to mention, getting out of the house with two kids can be somewhat of a tricky process. Getting ready, getting shoes on, and buckling in car seats can wear a mama down! Of course, we will do this every now and then, but I want to spend quality time with my children without all of the hassle. If you are like me and need some ideas, here are 5 inexpensive and fun summer activities to do with you and your kiddos at home.

  1. Plant a small garden – This will give your kids a hands-on experience that they will LOVE. Kids are fascinated by planting seeds and watching them grow. Furthermore, it teaches patience, responsibility, and care. Plant your favorite fruits and veggies, and your kids will be so proud when their hard work pays off and you eat it at the dinner table!
  2. Get a rope and build a rope swing – This one brings back so many memories of my pop’s house. We could swing for hours as our bellies filled with butterflies. This is such a fun and easy idea to surprise your kids with!
  3. Do a treasure hunt with your kiddos (map and all) – Treasure hunts are so fun, and require kids to use critical thinking skills. Hide a series of clues, make a map, and have something waiting for them at the end. Imagine your kiddos spending an hour or so following the map, and finding popsicles at the end to enjoy outside!
  4. Set up a lemonade stand – This is a classic idea that will never get old! It is such a rich experience for kids to work hard, make something, and see the payoff. They can make a sign, set up a little booth, and become salesmen for their product! Lemonade stands are seriously so fun, and require such little effort! Your kiddos will love counting their money at the end!
  5. Have a camping read-a-thon – This one can be set up indoors or outside! Get that dusty old tent out of the garage, and put it up somewhere at your house. There is something about tents that kids love, and encouraging them to read while relaxing in a tent is a great way to keep up the hard work they put in throughout the school year. If you set the tent up inside, turn the lights off, give them a flashlight with a book, and they will enjoy reading for hours!

The Woodlands Photographer Summer Series

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